Unanswered Questions


My first job out of college, I tried to convince executive-level people to talk to our company for 2 hours, further dedicate 10-20 additional hours hearing what we had to say, and then have a large executive team agree to sign a $150,000-$400,000 contract for our product.


I also conversed with college and university leaders hearing what challenges they were facing and what they were doing to help their students succeed.  We fostered deep relationships that allowed each individual to gain perspective into large organizational priorities and also what we were doing to put industry-approved best practices into action. We opened up, shared stories about our families, and what we enjoyed doing in our free time. We became close and formalized our friendship as a partnership buying into each other's vision's. 


Yes, these were the same jobs. Yes, I was in sales.


Jesus was born over 2000 years ago, several years before year 0. Many assume that BC or Before Christ and AD or anno Domini means that Jesus was born at year 0. However, historians state that it was several years prior. Since then, BILLIONS of people believe in what He had to say.


The path to Christ was not always the same, and the way we perceive, learn about, and worship Jesus to this day is also not always the same.  


Christianity/krisCHēˈanədē/ noun

  • The religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, or its beliefs and practices.

Religion/ rəˈlijən/ noun

  • The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

    • A particular system of faith and worship

    • A pursuit of interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance


Listed above are definitions for two very interesting words: religion and Christianity. Two months ago, I decided to launch the “Guys Like Us” news and media platform. I first created a podcast where I conduct conversational interviews with different people. Everyone has their story to tell on their personal relationships with Jesus and God. Part of my vision is to uncover what people find important to them and how they view different topics. By asking tough and direct questions, I am able to break through the surface and reach that next layer. There has been some confusion as to what the Guys like Us actually is, partially because I had yet to establish a clear mission of the organization. I apologize for any lack of clarity. Our mission statement is as follows: “The Guys Like Us is a community of people desiring to learn more about Jesus and what it means to be a Disciple of Christ.”  


We are a community of people with individual relationships with God. Wherever you are in your journey, we want you to be part of the team.


Being “religious” or a “Christian” does not mean that someone has a strong relationship with Jesus. We humans are to live through His teachings! A good friend told me, “God surpasses Christianity.” I thought that was fascinating, for we are not bound to this particular structure. God and the Son beat out religion, Christianity, and the Church. Let us put our primary focus on Jesus and get to know Him.  


I raise these two initial words, Christianity and religion, to help lead me to a greater question: “What makes you a Disciple of Jesus?” Is it someone who says they are Christian? Maybe it is someone who is greatly involved in church. Part of me wants to write out “7 things that make you a Disciple of Jesus,” but I know that does not tell the full story. The story of Jesus did not always look pretty, but trust me - it is beautiful, and it should be illustrated with beauty. Just like a sales job, there are many ways to express the love of the gospel, and better ways to effectively communicate God’s message.


To be a Disciple of Christ means to accept Him as the Son of God and the savior of our lives Jesus died on the cross, resurrected from the dead, and ascended into heaven. He did this for sin on earth in all of us. We rejoice in His name and know that He is love. God loves us, Jesus guides us, and the Holy Spirit is with us. We will have troubles in this world but take heart, because He has overcome the world. To be a Disciple of Christ means that you are learning and growing your journey and deep relationship with your best friend, our Father. Listen, question, act, and you will be learning and thus being a Disciple of Christ.  

Much Love, 

Tyler Brondyk, Guys Like Us