I Have Faith Because...

When you grow up you are taught to know right from wrong and at least for me, if I see somebody in need of help and I can offer them genuine conversation, support, love, or whatever you want to call it, I would do it without even thinking twice about it because that's the type of person I am.

My voice is heard when I speak to different audiences. My goal is to uplift and motivate people to take positive action for themselves and others, thus creating a more positive environment for everyone. It has never been about the money, the recognition, or the exposure, it's just to simply create conversation through the lens of gratitude. My purpose is to be grateful for the opportunity to shed some light and be a positive voice for people.

I think sometimes when you're trying to figure out your purpose and you start out doing something that you begin on your own, you may start out with a genuine purpose, but as you start to gain success your priorities get clouded by the thought of money and more and more people start to tell you how much of an inspiration you are and it starts to become more about you instead of the needs of other people. I dislike that word “inspiration” because ever since I started sharing my message, I've just been grateful for every opportunity I have gotten and even if there's two or three months in between an opportunity I use that time to be reflective.

Sometimes it's just my instinct to want to be there for people and to drive them towards positive action but when I take time to think about it and be reflective the feeling I get after is a sense of fullness. The way my heart fills up because I can see a tangible difference in people that helps them become more positive is something very rewarding for me. The joy I feel in my heart might be because of good instincts but I think it's also faith at work, it is gratitude rewarded because if you give thanks on a daily basis by putting your faith into action it leads to overall happiness in life.

More often than not if you're out there putting genuine value into the world and you meet other like-minded people after you talk to them for a while a lot of them turn out to be Christian as well so I think a lot of our instincts are based on positivity just coming through us based out of concern for the common man but they are really rooted in our Christian values.

When I was younger my brother and I were taught to have a conscience, which meant that we needed to be mindful of one another, be aware of our everyday interactions with people, and think about how we went about our day with an open mind and an open heart.

My dad always used to remind us to consider how we wanted to feel when we put our heads down on our pillows at night. During Dan’s 4 years at St. Anselm College he spent his time playing for the rugby team. Two of those years he served as captain, and one of his responsibilities was recruiting new players. My brother knew that it takes all kinds of people to make a great team; the same can be said about life. Dan also knew that what he was doing was bigger than sports. That is why he encouraged athletes from different sports as well as athletes with no experience to join the team. He knew that feeling a sense of belonging was a big part of life. Growing up alongside me he saw the difference that inclusion made in my life; he used that to empower people around him. It helped to create a sense of brotherhood and compassion. This is what I believe made my brother’s presence so magnetic. His ability to be there for somebody and to be effortlessly inclusive, I believe that it all goes back to having a conscious. People might forget what you said, they might forget what you did, but how you made them feel stays with them forever. Rugby was Dan’s way of giving thanks for his God-given athletic abilities; it was his instinct to not want to exclude anyone from participating. He truly wanted others to experience the joy he felt through playing.

Now that he has passed on, his friends and family understand how he used this sport to bring people together and now through his spirit this is one of the many ways we remember him. I believe that the voice of God is heard through people’s deepest passions and I am blessed to carry on his legacy by making sure he is not forgotten by the people who loved him the most. My brother proved that it was never about wins or losses or even the amount of points you could score, his faith shines through by building a community based on selflessness and compassion.

In conclusion, there are many different viewpoints that you can take to determine if you personally believe whether these actions or decisions are faith based or purely instinctual. In my opinion our faith serves as a great foundation that guides us in our decision making. If you trust your faith your instincts will also be pure. I want to leave this open to interpretation but hopefully my opinion will spark some thoughtful discussion.

Jamey Breen, Storyteller