What Can God Do?

Going through life, whether someone believes in God or not, people are faced with moments that are seemingly beyond what they can handle.  It can leave a feeling of being outmatched and helpless with a giant standing at hand.  Thoughts begin swirling (“What now?”, “Why me?”, “I can't take this” and “It’s over”), taunting in this vulnerable state.  Christians often call on God during these times for help, guidance, and for the Holy One to intervene.  But when calling on God, there is a question that remains unanswered: what can God do?

Throughout scripture, God does incredible, unexplainable things.  Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead.  Jesus walked on water.  God divided the red sea to save Moses.  He even protected Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from a fiery furnace.  The list goes on and on, leaving me to say “You're crazy God” (in the coolest way possible.)  I see this in the Bible, but is this what I believe?  Do I believe God can do anything?  If I did, wouldn't I make sure to drop to my knees with every concern or worry that arose?  Wouldn't my prayer overshadow my worries?  Wouldn’t I be less anxious, less scared?  You're damn right I would.  So why don't I?

What causes this disconnect between the Bible and what I believe in my heart?  This must be something every follower of Jesus goes through, but many still do not have an answer for.  For me, I know there have been times when it seems that God can’t do anything.  Sometimes He doesn't answer my prayers.  Sometimes I don't feel Him here with me. God, you saved Moses and 600,000 Israelites from the Egyptians, why can't you save my friend’s mother who is dying from cancer?  God, you turned water into wine, why can’t you turn this dream into a job?  God, you rose from the dead, why can't you raise me up from my depression that is smothering me?  These prayers were unanswered, so what am I supposed to think? These are the thoughts and experiences that make this topic such a difficult one for me.  

What I’ve learned from others, from scripture, and from my relationship with Jesus, I believe faith is the answer.  Faith. That’s it.  When what I see does not align with what I think, I must have faith.  It is easy for a person of any belief to have faith and confidence when they see what they believe. However, when you cannot see your answer and especially when those people didn't get healed, do you still have faith?  The Bible states that “Faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1).  Faith is your answer.  Faith will help you remember the times God did do it.  Faith will help you remember the times you did feel Him.  Faith will keep you reminding yourself that God can do anything.  

You should pray about worries, doubts, frustrations, confusions, because, as God has shown and will show, HE CAN DO ANYTHING.  What I believe he wants to know is whether Carter will have faith. Can Carter’s faith grow here? Can Carter’s faith shine here?  He knows what He can do, but He wants to see what I can do; what I can do with my faith.  It is hard. Really hard.  And I fail to keep praying, to keep loving, to keep serving, to keep trusting, and to keep having faith again and again. But God, He exercises His faith, too, as He always has faith in us.  

So, Carter – God can do anything.  He can do anything in this world and beyond.  Anything: big, small or somewhere in between.  And when it seems like He can't or He did not, that is when He needs you to keep having faith. HE CAN!

Carter Smith, Storyteller