Why Do I Follow Jesus?

Not everything worth doing is easy, not everything worth doing is always convenient, and most of the time it will challenge your heart. What am I talking about? Love, L.O.V.E, LOVE. Jesus’ love for all of us is unconditional and unwavering, even if we don’t always feel connected to Him. I’m going to explain my point of view by using this analogy: you’re in the passenger seat of a car, you don’t know what your destination will be, but you trust the driver. I feel the same way about faith and love. You don’t always understand why things happen but you trust that there’s a reason why they do. I want to share a really personal story, something that I’ve never publicly opened up about before.  It takes trust and love to talk about it but I trust God’s love for me so here it goes.

When my brother passed away, I temporarily lost trust in God. I asked a lot of “why” questions, why “this”/why “that”, I lost my happiness, I lost a part of myself, or so I thought I did. Life is about adapting, changing, and evolving with your new reality as circumstances present themselves. From day one I have been used to adapting. Having Cerebral Palsy has forced me to make the best out of different circumstances, and I’m 26 now so you’d think that I’m used to it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely comfortable in my own skin, but nothing could have prepared me for the way I would feel after losing Dan.

I’m a firm believer in the fact that if God takes one person away from you, He makes sure that He gives you someone extra special in return. This is where the trust and love come into play. Three years ago I met Jarelin, and she has been an absolute blessing in my life. Sure, we both don’t drive currently and there is an hour and a half gap between us because she lives in Fitchburg, MA, but I am not in this relationship because it is convenient, it’s not always easy but it’s real and it’s worth it. A sign of a good relationship is that the other person adds to your quality of life, which Jarelin definitely does for mine.

Another sign of a good relationship is if the relationship is genuine; the things you strive for in a romantic relationship should always be the same qualities you hope to maintain in your relationship to God and Jesus. I know that Jarelin will not replace my brother but having her in my life has reminded me how to love, and at the same time has mended my relationship with God, making it stronger and more profound than it was before.

I also knew that Dan would make sure that I had someone to help me rediscover my happiness. I understand now that no matter how difficult things get you should never move away from God because there’s always a plan and now Jarelin is part of my story. You truly love somebody when you feel comfortable showing them your heart. You put yourself out there and the other person loves you despite all of your flaws and imperfections. You show your heart to God and He loves you anyway. He has made you imperfect on purpose; we are the perfect example of how true love does not come without adversity, it is not without sacrifice or patience and once again the same can be said about your relationship with God.

In conclusion, you can see that all roads lead back to God no matter which way you choose to go. When you give your heart to somebody you trust that they will take care of it and nurture it always. I am confident that I am in a good place because I have shown my heart to God and to Jarelin and I know that they will always take care of it. You will find me in the passenger seat of a car not always knowing my direction but always being confident in my driver.


I pray that you all continue to find your happiness on your journey to get closer to God.

Peace and love guys,

Jamey, Storyteller