3 Types of Journaling

Writing has always been something that has been challenging for me, probably because I hated writing for English class, if you asked me write another literature analysis of “Pride and Prejudice” I’d lose it. This idea of journaling, or recording experiences, ideas, or reflections kept regularly triggered the buzz word, “writing”, which turned me off from the whole concept. However, after listening a bit longer and then giving it a shot, I’ve steadily progressed and have incorporated several forms of journaling into my day to day life.


Journaling is a great practice because it is free flowing, there are no test scores, and it can be incorporated to fit your personality. Here are a few ways that you can journal that can take as short as 30 seconds.  


1)    Morning Goal-Setting Journaling- This one is a quick and easy morning routine that starts your day off right. You can reap 80% journaling benefits with this one approach. An easy way to start is by mapping out your goals for the day, it can be a to-do list for the day. This is a proactive approach and is best to do this early in the morning. If you’re not a morning person, maybe this Harvard Business Review article will persuade you to change your habits. What is the one thing you need to get done today?

2)    The Idea Journal- The idea journal is a working document that can continuously be updated, think of it as your personal visionary book. Have this one handy, keep it on your nightstand and then bring it in to work. It could be a thought for how you can change a work process, a new business idea, an art sketch, or a new prayer. What is missing in the world right now?

3)    The Gratitude Journal- A great introspective way to think about what is good in your life. Over time you may find newfound gratitude in things that may not have the initial gratitude allure. Start with the question, what brings you the most joy in your life? 


Now that you’ve seen three different types of journaling, join me on February 22nd from 7:00-8:30 pm at the DC West End Public Library where I’ll be leading a session on journaling. I’ll be sharing a morning reflection exercise as well as a workshop to help understand your “why” and a panel discussion with two other reflection experts on how journaling has been so beneficial for them!

Tyler Brondyk, Journaler 

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