In the Summer of 2016, Tyler Brondyk was looking for a way to connect with like-minded people interested in exploring faith through fellowship. A virtual bible study coined the "Guys Like Us" (GLU), emerged with Tyler and a group of close friends. Every other week, the group would come together and one person would choose and facilitate a bible passage.The Guys Like Us team brought people together from different states, ages,ethnicities, and backgrounds all united as family in Christ. 


Guys Like Us is a community of people desiring to find purpose in their life. The word "disciple" means learner in Greek and is the foundation of this community. The biblical disciples, listened, questioned, and acted on God's word to learn about Him through a strong relationship in Jesus Christ. The world, no different than it was many years ago, calls on us to respond as disciples. We live to serve, love, and empower others through our approach of listening, questioning, and acting. 

Mathētḗs (from math-, the "mental effort needed to think something through") – properly, a learner; a disciple, a follower of Christ who learns the doctrines of Scripture and the lifestyle they require; someone catechized with proper instruction from the Bible with its necessary follow-through  


The vision is for Guys Like Us to be a place where people across the world can learn how to be a disciple of Christ.