A Call to Action with Trevin Wax

Imagine life without indoor plumbing, working side by side with members of community in Eastern Europe. Trevin was studying, preaching, and living the Romania life. He understands that life is full of uncertainty, and he brings in scripture on how to live life as a disciple today in the midst of our society. From smartphones to politics, his book, “This Is Our Time” breaks down gospel myths and how to write a better story both individually and in community. Are we optimistic? When Jesus died on the cross I don’t think people were optimistic, or pessimistic, but hopeful, absolutely. We should be. Now back home in Tennessee, a Bible and Reference Publisher for Lifeway, Managing Editor of the Gospel Project, Pastor, Podcaster, and Author. On Christianity, “If this is really true, then this changes everything…”

Tyler BrondykComment