The Youth and Our Generation (Asher Plange)


-       A “PK” Pastor’s Kid, but not fully. His father started the Pastor ministry at the age of 16

-       Faith takes on a new meaning when you can experience it!

-       God’s pull!

-       Finding God for yourself

-       Develop a worship life in my prayer life- Taking Scripture literally

-       Importance of people supporting you

-       Personal experiences enabling us to serve better

-       He called you first- you have your personal relationship that needs to be focused on

-       Purpose for everyone

-       Portray God in the best way you can

-       Let me be the vessel for God to work through me and others to impact others

-       Youth Empowerment Ministry- Asher as a leader

-       Growth of the ministry- speakers, summer conference, prayer line

-       Ecclesiastes 12:1 God’s call for the youth

-       Many ways of worship

-       Empowering people because we are the next generation

-       The Harvest: Foundations first, follow the work then grow

-       YEM:

-       Asher Plange: Facebook-

-       Asher’s advice: Invest in prayer! Be genuine, be vulnerable and invest in God

-       God Bless

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