Unity with Chris Broussard

Chris Broussard, Fox Sports Analyst by profession and a Disciple of Christ by creation, shares his walk with Christ and evokes a powerful word for us all.  Chris’ first glimpse of the personal relationship you can have with Christ started when he heard this young woman, now his wife, in college praying like Jesus was right there with her. Chris knew being a follower of Christ was the right thing to do, but he did not want to accept the life. College was fun, and the American dream was right by his side. How can we fill this void for our life, besides Christianity? We have to repent for our sins, for what we’ve done, we have to accept that we’ve been living in sin. What race are you running and who do you want to run the race with? You do not have to get stuck in with living in the instant gratification, the sex, smoking, drinking, and partying scene. It comes with baggage down the road! You can skip that, what culture is telling you, it’s always worth it. BE BOLD.

Chris is the president of the KING Movement, an organization that wants to strengthen men in their daily walks with Christ. This April, the KING Movement is holding their national summit in Memphis, TN ( www.kingmovement.com).  Tune in to listen to this message and leave a review if you enjoy what you are hearing!

Tyler BrondykComment