Hope for the Captives with Gerard Long

The Guys Like Us is joined with Gerard Long who is an author, speaker, and executive director of Awakening to God Ministries. Gerard joins us today from California, although, his roots lie in England. Once a young talented track and field athlete to then becoming an HSBC executive in the finance and banking industry, Gerard excelled in his personal and professional life. He was leading Alpha USA and living the high life with his wife, Jeannie. However, things took a turn. He reveals the loss of his first son, and then years later, the loss of his daughter. “In these times, the presence of God was unbelievable.” Gerard found great hope in the midst of this immense suffering.  We dig into Alpha, which is a series of interactive sessions that freely explores the basics of the Christian faith. Finally, we discuss Awakening to God Ministries and the work they are doing freeing the captives by bringing light in the darkness. The World Health Organization announced last year that the biggest global illness is depression and the biggest cause of death under 35 is suicide. The way forward is through the cross, the means is hope. Hear a bit more about Awakening to God’s various ministries by visiting www.awakeningtogod.org.  Join Gerard and the team at an upcoming conference in the Midwest on October 20th !

Tyler BrondykComment