Engaging Culture with Ben Pierce

The Guys Like Us is joined with Ben Pierce who is an Author, Artist, Podcaster, Apologist, and a Disciple of Christ.  In this episode you’ll hear about Ben’s back story growing up as a missionary kid and the roots of Steiger. Steiger is a mission’s organization that reaches people outside of the church. How can we reach a culture in crisis? Steiger aims to be new school mission in tools, and old school in their values. We discuss more about the current role of the Church, and the need to be more like Jesus! Ben’s latest book, “Jesus in the Secular World,” opens up the simple basics needed for God to move in power. He shares the model of Nehemiah in the way to go out and love the world.  We need Him, we seek Him, and we take a step a faith. Ben shares a bit more about apologetics highlighting the importance of listening, as we often prefer to speak and profess. We are failing to contextualize the life of Christ in the world! Ben’s book releases on November 23rd and can be found at www.steiger.org/jsw . You can also tune in to his podcast, Provoke & Inspire.

Tyler BrondykComment