Legacy with Brandon Porter II

Brandon Porter II is an author, finance professional, and a Disciple of Christ. In this episode we chat about his book, “If Obama Had a Son- The Truth You’ve Never Thought About.” We break down legacy looking in the white house and how the family name has carried over from father to son and paralleling it to Brandon’s life, walking in the footsteps of those who have set the path in front of you, his father. Two trends come out on top, gratefulness and an understanding of who you are.  “When you know who you are, you can handle where you are” Racism exists in the heart of men, with the killings of Trayvon Martin and then Michael Brown, Brandon felt the magnitude of the racism issue. One encounter on an elevator helped catalyze Brandon’s platform to speak on something greater than himself. Racism is systemic and if you live in hate, you can't operate in love. Through love, education, and truth, we can greatly impact justice and reconciliation with all people.

Tyler BrondykComment