Heaven Yes, Hell No! with Dr. Dan Allender

Dr. Dan Allender is a therapist, author, professor, and speaker. He is one of the founders and former President of The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. We start the conversation by digging into the Allender Center, which is based on a simple assumption that trauma is part of living in a fallen world, we all go through it. What importance do our unique stories have for our ability to connect with others?  Is our personal suffering enough to understand others trauma? Dan opens up the mandate for the body of Christ to engage in the trauma and abuse domain. We may not be able to help, but we must move toward having a heart to hear. We break down identity, who we are and what we are made to do. How well did people read your attunement in your childhood? How about now? The answers play a role in our identity and the choices we have made. Dan conversion story happened yesterday, and also 40 years ago. We need tears, grief, and in anger, movement in order to change our lives. Finally, we enter into the subject of sex and why it is a good thing! You can find Dan at theallendercenter.org or  theseattleschool.edu

Tyler BrondykComment