Unlearning God with Philip Gulley

The Guys Like Us Podcast is joined with Philip Gulley, a pastor, writer and speaker. His latest book, “Unlearning God: How Unbelieving Helped Me Believe” walks us through his journey making room for new insights, perceptions, and truths to ultimately move him forward. Philip shares more about how different challenges in the church urged him to seek more understanding in the perspectives and interpretations for beliefs. Philip speaks more on empathy and putting yourself in the place of others by directly entering in the particular community.  Hear more about his experience-based posture of receptivity and openness to help grow and form his faith. How does you approach the LGBTQ community? How do you approach others who don’t share your views? Philip shares his 34-year pastoral experience in the thick of these questions and offers a biblical example to help understand unlearning God. Sometimes it takes unlearning one thing before you can move on to addressing another concept. Is certainty a virtue? Phil shares a moving story of someone whose world was shook, and not how she expected it to be. Finally, a word of advice and encouragement for those unlearning God. You can find Philip and his book at www.philipgulley.com  

Tyler BrondykComment