Restoring Lost Treasure with John Eldredge

The Guys Like Us is joined with John Eldredge who is an author, counselor, teacher, and founder of Ransomed Heart Ministries. John searched for meaning in high school taking interest in the allure of California and the spiritual trends in the widespread. He came to find a new found understanding of treasure and dove in head first. John speaks on recovering gender, and the importance it has at the level of the soul. How can one hear the voice of God? How can we bring back a healthy masculine soul? John discusses the image of Christ, as both an authoritative voice on strength and power, but also on playfulness and tenderness. John takes us through his best-selling book, “Wild at Heart” and his latest book, “All Things New: Heaven, Earth, and the Restoration of Everything You Love.” He explains the necessity of union with Christ. Through Him we are able to address mental health and sexuality. Finally, we see some essential pieces of a romantic and intimate relationship. To get through woundedness of a woman, you need to share your own woundedness. Check out for more on John and their ministry!

Tyler BrondykComment