Owning Your Unique with Ron Kitchens

The Guys Like Us is joined with Ron Kitchens who is the senior partner and CEO of Southwest Michigan First, founder of Catalyst University leadership conference, and author of numerous books. In this episode, Ron speaks on his latest book, “Uniquely You.” We discuss his background and how he was able to work through adversity with his dyslexia to become the leader, entrepreneur, and mentor he is today. He sees it as a gift, and not something negative! We have to embrace the things that make us unique, because these are the things that others value. Tune in to hear how he creates a positive work culture, with the” Always Forward” concept engrained in its DNA. Finally, Ron provides wisdom from his years of experience whether you are newly entering the work force or are a seasoned leader. You can find more at ronkitchens.com

Tyler BrondykComment