Identity with LaMorris Crawford

Problems don’t change, unless you change them. LaMorris Crawford grew up with his grandmother, his mother was murdered and he was in a gang by 12 and selling crack cocaine by the age of 14.. “I was doing those things to fill a void in my life, and the void only got bigger… Sports was my outlet.” After seeing someone change for 3 years, LaMorris gave his life to Christ when he was 19. At 16, he didn’t need God, or so he thought.   Now as a sport’s chaplain for the Cincinnati Bengal’s, LaMorris works with the team sharing the gospel. “You’re not born with character, it’s taught and developed… Part of humility, and compassion, is paying for a single mother’s laundry. It’s all about making other people important.” We are made in his likeness, his image, and have the spirit of God in us. Expose your heart, mind, and spirit to the word. Develop a HUNGER for God’s word and run your race.

Tyler BrondykComment