Our People with Father Douglas Al-Bazi

“To you, death is the end, for me, death is just the beginning.” “Being a Christian in the Middle-East is actually a suicide mission, it’s sheep living among wolves. It feels like genocide.”The Church in Iraq is known as the Church of Martyrs or Church of Blood, because they are ready to die for Christ. The blood of Christians in Iraq is more than oil in Iraq, from 2003 to 2017, Christian believers in the Middle-East went from 1.2 Million to less than 200,000. Father Douglas Al-Bazi retells his story of his church bombed with 5 missile attacks to then being tortured by Islamist terrorists for 9 days. He forgives them and actually, wishes to drink Chai tea with them in the future. “When I was kidnapped, actually they were captured by me, I was kidnapping them. I was more relaxed, more power, and sometimes I was teasing them.” The most important part is to share the story of the people, or the Christians living in the Middle-East.

Tyler BrondykComment