Dig Deeper with Nate Robitaille

“After we come out of the tunnel, I run over to the far end zone, take a knee and take my helmet off and give thanks and just pray…one of my coaches saw me do it and he wanted to get involved so he came over and then another player came and then we had 3 or 4 guys before every game. There was a lady there who came to watch for the first time and she took a photo of us and that was pretty cool.” Nate Robitaille discusses his faith journey and his life on and off the field. For Nate, the uncertainty of his future in football came at the age of 18, freshman year of college. Most recently, and 6 years later, he won the German Football League (GFL) an American Football league in Germany with the Schwabash Hall Unicorns. Let’s talk about current challenges and what’s next in 2018!

Tyler BrondykComment