Long-Term Care and Development with Dr. David Vanderpool

The Guys Like Us is joined with Dr.David Vanderpool who is a surgeon, missionary, and founder and CEO of Live Beyond.  David joins us today from Haiti, but was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. David started in disaster relief assistance, through natural and man-made conflict and then shifted to become a development organization providing long-term care in infrastructure to administer basic needs in developing countries. Faith is the center of Live Beyond, and is the way that the organization moves forward on a day to day basis. People who are hungry are not going to here you preach until you feed them! Live Beyond engages those by listening to the people and their needs first. Haiti‚Äôs religious life is high in voodoos, which is the antithesis of Judeo-Christianity, yet a great opportunity for the Kingdom and for the health of the society with Live Beyond stepping in. Here more about the change happening through Christ in individuals lives in Haiti. You can find David at www.livebeyond.org

Tyler BrondykComment