The Psychological Journey of the Prodigal Son with Andrew Bauman

The Guys Like Us is joined with Andrew Bauman who is an author, speaker, mental health counselor, and psychotherapist. His latest book, “Stumbling Toward Wholeness: How the Love of God Changes Us” provides a psychological take on the prodigal son parable and its deeply personal nature. How can we become more like God the Father in our healing? Andrew talks through his childhood and some challenging deep issues that required Andrew to make sense of his faith and his family. We discuss some of the pressures being in positions with high expectations. For Andrew, the path forward was by “slowly dying.” The statistics behind pornography are staggering with evangelical men and pastors. However, there is an alternative and it takes losing yourself to come to wholeness. Andrew breaks down three roles; the runaway son, the elder brother, and God the Father. How do you get to the resurrection? Andrew invites us into a death, as the crucial process to get to the resurrection. Andrew writes about porn, grief, and healing and you can find his work at

Tyler BrondykComment