In the Public Square with Andy Bannister

The Guys Like Us Podcast is joined with Andy Bannister who is an author, writer, photographer, adjunct speaker for RZIM, and Director for the Solas Centre for Public Christianity. Andy talks about his education in Islamic Studies and how he stepped into apologetics. Andy shares how we can live together, in the midst of our differences. It’s people who are equal, it’s ideas that are not. We must move away from thinking about Abrahamic faiths to bring together Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Let’s look at each religion as different, rather than assuming similarity. Andy speaks to university audiences across the world on relevant topics by meeting people where they are, “in the public square,” like the early Apostles in Ephesus. Andy dives into some common atheist arguments, the problems with the logic, and the solution found at the cross. Finally, we discuss public Christianity, taking the Gospel outside of the traditional church setting at both a communal and individual level. From head, to heart, to imagination, the Word connects through them all. You can find Andy and more about what he is doing by visiting him at

Tyler BrondykComment