Healthy Masculinity: Being Dangerously Good with Kenny Luck

The Guys Like Us is joined with Kenny Luck who is a pastor, author and founder of Every Man Ministries. Kenny shares more about how he backed-in to Every Man Ministries by working out how to be God’s man in the environment and the power he found in men’s community. He fired himself as the CEO of the company he was leading, and responded on God’s call to shift gears to a new path. We jump into one of his most recent books, “Dangerous Good: The Coming Revolution of Men Who Care” and what it means to be a healthy Christian man. We start back at the person of Christ, and the character he embodied in his life. He brought a whole new brand of masculinity. Relationships are foundational to character, and families are the breeding group for relationships. Kenny calls us to go back when we were little, wearing superman and spider-man pajamas, a guy delivering justice, countering evil, and defending the weak and thinking about this image as the path forward. Becoming a leader first requires a strong relationship with God and an authentic consistent community. Hear more about the mission and vision of Every Man Ministries and the immense impact they are having across the globe. Kenny speaks on the power of healthy men moving others to be who they are destined to be, and the light to shine in God’s image. You can find more at

Tyler BrondykComment