Conciliation or REconciliation? with David Bailey

David Bailey, Founder and Executive Director of Arrabon, an organization existing to equip you and your community to effectively engage in reconciliation. Raised in Richmond, VA, David saw the effects of the city as the former capital of the confederacy. The church was divided both for and against slavery. David strives to ultimately move people toward action of race and class reconciliation. To understand unity, we have to go back to Genesis 1 when all was good. Then we have to move into Genesis 3 with Adam and Eve when life became broken. As a Christian, you repent of your sins, forgiving what you’ve done but then you change your mind and heart and engage in positive actions against your previous ways. There is a call to more than just being cool with people of color (act of conciliation). History plays a role in understanding and living in REconciliation rather than just conciliation. David shares an example of someone who builds a kingdom business in the business world. On April 8th, 2018 the documentary “11 AM” debuts in Richmond. The film tells the story of a community of musicians who are working to write a new narrative by raising up culturally competent leaders who are desiring change in the shameful legacy of the Church segregation. We can be the Arrabon, the hope.

Tyler BrondykComment