Giving with Henry Kaestner

Henry Kaestner, Co-Founder and Managing Principal at Sovereign’s Capital, a private equity fund which invests in Christian faith entrepreneurs in the US and Southeast Asia. He is also a Co-Founder of, a telecommunications company where he served as CEO from 2001-2008. The company was the 4th fastest growing privately held company in the country from 2003 to 2007. Most importantly, he finds his identity in Christ. It took time, but now Henry has deeper understanding on the concept of giving and what responsibility means as a child of God. He owns it all, but when we give it all, we experience real fulfillment. God doesn’t need your money, but he wants your heart! When looking at potential companies, one-part Henry looks for is people who are intentional about their faith. More often than not, the people and companies that Sovereign’s Capital are investing in struggle with identity, and that’s the truth. Let us equip entrepreneurs who have untapped potential to make great change and impact in their communities.

Tyler BrondykComment