Alive with Sam Eaton

Sam Eaton is a millennial on a mission! Founder of Recklessly Alive Ministries, helping people be more alive. Sam’s story on depression and suicidal thoughts was the driver of this mission, but by no means is the end point. Your identity is not the shame, the doubts, or anything else that does not show your true identity as a child of God. Love shows up when you least expect it and when you most need it. A powerful message that will inspire you to keep your head up when you feel down, hopeless, or alone.  Sam and I discuss his article “ 59% of Milennials Raised in a Church Have Dropped Out- And They’re Trying to Tell Us Why”, a timely article that was shared over 681,000 times.  Let us focus on what brings us together rather than what can divide us. You can find Sam at and his article at

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