HOPE with Peter Greer

Peter Greer, father, husband, author, President and CEO of HOPE International, and a Disciple of Christ. HOPE International is a Christian faith-based organization focused on alleviating physical and spiritual poverty through Christ centered microenterprise development. Peter found international business as a means to impact the world, and through faith creating hope for people. Stories open up the mind, the heart, and the soul with one another.  Peter’s mission is to invest in people and build the kingdom of God. Peter shares more into his process of mission drift, clarity and intentionality of practice. The small pieces and decisions of the person or organization do matter! Mission drift happens slowly, like a ship, you must keep an eye for where you are headed. Finally, hear some life lessons from Peter looking back to what he knows know compared to 15 years ago. Trust that God is at work and keep movin’, it’s an exciting time to be alive.  Check out peterkgreer.com and hopeinternational.org

Tyler BrondykComment