The Plug with Jared Green

Jared Green, former NFL player and now founder of the Purpose Plug and Campus Ministry Director at Grace Covenant Church. In this podcast we discuss Jared’s childhood and the purpose of playing sports. It was not until the 9th grade that Jared’s father, Darrell Green, let him put the pads on and play football! Calling moves past playing sports, a calling must last for our entirety on earth. To find true calling, we must go up and go out, it starts with God, and must serve someone else.  The root is important, we look into scripture to understand the starting point, the baseline. If you are struggling with an issue, think about it as a scar or scab. Scabs are sensitive and have pain but can be healed, scars become part of who you are. When we wear our scars, we can tell stories, for broken people need to be healed. We want to be scarred up! Look at the bible, it’s a collection of stories, and they continue to be told and it’s important to do share them, not only for describing what you’ve gone through to inform others so that they be healed and build on your faith, but also help you think about your life! Finally, we break down sharing and hearing God outside of the church. Truth, power, and greatness can be found anywhere. You can find Jared at

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