Fatherhood with Beleaf Mel

Hip hop artist, speaker, YouTuber, father, husband, diaper warrior, and now author, Glen Henry AKA Beleaf Melanin! Beleaf in Fatherhood is to equip fathers, give hope to mothers, and inspire children. His latest book, “It’s Bedtime Now” pokes fun at everyday struggle of trying to put kids to bed. In this conversation we discuss the relationship between the Father and the Son, the father and the children. Renewing does not have to only take place on January 1st! Every day is great and a chance to start fresh. We chat about suicide and depression and stemming from abuse in his household starting in middle-school. Our identity can become debilitating and can take control of our destiny. Beleaf looked for identity in different places, but the true identity rested in one place. Check out www.beleafinfatherhood.com or his YouTube Channel “Beleaf in Fatherhood” for all that he is doing to change the world.

Tyler BrondykComment