Kingdom Business: Faith and Work with Matthew Rohrs

Matthew Rohrs, CEO of Sinapis Group, an international business accelerator program that provides early stage entrepreneurs with advanced business training integrated with Kingdom Business principles, intensive mentorship, and the opportunity to compete for seed capital. Matthew leads the charge leveraging his passion and gifting for creating integration between faith and work. What does it mean to be called by God to business? What does it mean to have a personal and vital connection to Christ? Matthew poses questions that he asks both himself and Sinapis which then leaves us to ask ourselves, are we living to this spiritual integration? Should we believe it’s the truth. What is the best way to navigate your calling, gifting, and wiring to be the best use to His service? Hear more about Kingdom business, the background story of Matthew, and how entrepreneurs in developing and emerging countries and markets are overcoming challenges and taking their businesses to new levels.  Visit for more about Matthew and the organization!

Tyler BrondykComment