Applied Spiritual and Product Development with Neil Ahlsten

Neil Ahlsten, CEO and Co-founder of Abide, the world’s number 1 Christian mediation app. Neil comes to us today from Silicon Valley where he is in the thick of the technology world, previously working for Google before making the move with Abide. Neil shares more about how a small idea completely changed and impacted the launch and direction of the business. “It turns out the Bible is really good for getting people to sleep!” The research driven process proves to be beneficial, even in the spiritual world! When’s the first, or the last time you heard about a Christian ministry doing heavy research and development (R&D)? Neil shares some insight into the future of Abide and advice for listeners and entrepreneurs! Join the experiential journey and be guided to Biblical truth and personal reflection with Abide. You can learn more about the organization at

Tyler BrondykComment