What If or Now What? with Jonathan Malm

Jonathan Malm, an author, entrepreneur, speaker, and creator of all things he does! In this episode we dig into this latest book, The Comeback Effect, How Hospitality Can Compel Your Church’s Guests to Return. We explore how we create a good church experience, which starts with the feeling of being welcomed, comfortable, and understood. Jonathan shares biblical scriptures highlighting the importance of this task. How can we take the walls and barriers down so God can speak to guests and through others? Jonathan takes us through his times in Texas to then picking his bags and moving to Guatemala as a missionary family. Jonathan has always been gifted and passionate about church staging, design, and the creative elements that bring new light in the space, which was taking off in 2008 when Jonathan was getting up and running. Now, we are seeing other shifts in the worship experience. Tune in to hear more about how “the feeling” can lift up the church, provoking desires for smart purposes, and how we can harness this emotion to bring others in for the journey.  

Tyler BrondykComment