Pursuing Truth with Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins, President and Co-founder of Generous International, an organization bringing life change by designing specifically to create and multiply good in the world. Ben comes with a fresh light, and focuses on seeing the importance of people. No matter your role, whether as the customer, employee in the USA or an employee in Haiti, we see commonalities in supporting a greater cause, loving one another. In this episode we hear more about Ben’s story, his faith upbringing in Indiana, and the rise to the Bachelor and Bachelorette as of recent. We discuss the story of the Bible and looking at several character narratives. What is your impression of Paul? What did he speak about? When we enter into love by seeing through the eyes of one another, it changes the perspective, and that’s good. Here more about belief system and operating outside of what we think is right and leaving room for the world outside of what we know. Check out what Ben has to say about questions like “what it means to be a Christian?” or “Does there have to be a death and resurrection of Jesus?” You can find Ben at info@generousmovement.com

Tyler BrondykComment