Practice, Practice, Practice! with Aaron Niequist

The Guys Like Us is joined with Aaron Niequist, who is a liturgist, writer, and pastor coming to us from Chicago, Illinois. We dig into his latest book, The Eternal Current: How a Practice-Based Faith Can Save Us from Drowning. In this episode you’ll hear more about his book, and a foundational image that we can imagine and furthermore, experience in our life. This approach shifts the intention and emphasis away from an agreeance-based faith that some may know and rather seeing the end goal from a different lens. Aaron shares on liturgical practice and the manifestations of the spirit through this avenue. What’s the difference maker between the in-person practice and an online sermon? How can I take this practice-based faith wherever I go? Visit Aaron at for his latest book and some videos on A New Liturgy, recordings that create holy spaces through liturgy.

Tyler BrondykComment