Straight to the Source: Coming to Healing in Sexual Brokenness with Jay Stringer

The Guys Like Us is joined with Jay Stringer who is a therapist, author, and speaker. His latest book “Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing.” We know that a lot of people are struggling with pornography and infidelity and many are not sure why this is happening and also what freedom from sexual brokenness looks like. Accountability is part of the equation, but is not the way the full way to healing. There is a dimension of everyone’s life that can find healing in sexual brokenness, wherever you find may yourself in this season. How are we posturing ourselves dealing with these challenges? What is the best way to improve our situation? Jay shares some background into his story and provides some good questions that can open up childhood experiences that may have impacted the present. Hear a few practical ways of how you can work through these dimensions of life to regulate and come to healing. Jay also discusses his latest video course, Journey into the Heart of Man, which helps get to the bottom of why they do what they do. Through using the arousal template and a self-assessment. What does it mean to listen to your lust? Jay invites us to go straight to the heart of the pain, the core of the cause. Find more about Jay and how you can get involved at and the self-paced course at

Tyler BrondykComment